Welcome to Roskilde

Dear new resident,

We are a network of Roskilde citizens who would like to introduce you to our city. We arrange activities like:

  • meet, talk, go for a walk, cook
  • attend sports and cultural events, etc.

The network counts around 350 members and is still growing.

In our daily lives, many of us go to work, but can take part in activities during weekends or in the evenings. Others are retired and can take part in activities in the daytime.

We hope that we can help you feel comfortable in Roskilde, despite the tragic background for your stay here.

Activities will be announced on the noticeboards in Center Roskilde (the asylum center). For some events you will have to sign up at the school, if you want to participate.

Best regards
(Refugees’ Friends in Roskilde)

https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/1570417586529841/  (Facebook group)